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Ongoing COVID-19 Response

Ongoing COVID-19 Response

Message from Bruce Mahony, Executive Director: I am writing to provide a brief overview of how our Central Toronto office of Home Instead Senior Care continues to operate our home care services through this challenging time.
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What we can learn about flu prevention from the outbreak of coronoavirus

If you’re going into public spaces or the subway, you can be exposed to people with the virus so wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently, carry hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face.
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Lisa and Bruce Mahony were on the cover and inside of: Neighbours of Yorkville and the Annex this month about being a caregiver.

Are you a Family Caregiver?

Advice to help you cope and stay healthy as a caregiver Much is being written about caring for a loved one, but there is hardly a topic more complicated and heartbreaking than this caregiver topic for
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New Research Reveals Working Women Experience Stigma Due to Caregiving - Senior In Home Care Toronto

Working Women Experience Stigma Due to Caregiving

New Research Reveals Working Women Experience Stigma Due to Caregiving Home Instead Senior Care Offers Resources to Support Employees Caring for Aging Parents By Mary Ann Freedman Home Instead Senior Care Stigma Due to Caregiving: A
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Spouses in the caregiving role

In sickness and in health

In a fraction of a second a tiny blood vessel in the brain can burst and cause a stroke. The consequences of that event can ripple far beyond the person who experienced it. In the blink
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Photo by Aidan Chafe Edith Vuchnich, 93, and Terence Bredin, 78, enjoy a simulated bowl during the “Keeping it Sharp” demonstration held at Briton House retirement centre

Tech toys may help seniors stave off mental decline

Edith Vuchnich spent the afternoon playing video games with friends and fellow residents. The 93-year-old enjoyed a simulation of 10-pin bowling that enables users such as Vuchnich to avoid the burden of holding an actual ball
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Wii remote for seniors excercise

Seniors trade walkers for Wii

Video game day gets residents exercising bodies and minds Barbara Foley was skeptical, at best, about trying video games. “My grandchildren say, `It’s easy, Nana.’ But I never played,” said Foley, 85. “I’m old-fashioned.” At the
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Wii bowling keeps seniors active

Seniors strike it healthy with virtual bowling

Friday is bowling night at the Millennium Trail Manor retirement home, when up to 20 residents gather for some friendly competition on the lanes. “It’s fun, it’s very challenging,” says 79-year-old Helen Bradnam, who only misses
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Piano as an activity for seniors

Seniors challenge their grey matter

Adopt ‘use it or lose it’ mantra when it comes to exercising ‘your brain’ Ruth Vuchnich is 93 years old. The Ohio-born senior still drives a car — “I don’t drive after dark,” she admits —
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